Welcome to Imagine Millvale, a site designed to explore and celebrate all of the innovative and exciting things going on in Millvale, Pennsylvania! Millvale Borough is 0.7 square miles and is situated in Allegheny County. The Allegheny River separates Millvale from the City of Pittsburgh. Millvale is bordered by Reserve and Shaler townships. Both location and history make Millvale a rural town in an urban city, and a great place to live, work, and play!


Millvale has many existing strengths: the Riverfront Park, access to the North Shore trail, the beautiful murals of St. Nicholas’s Croatian Catholic Church, the classic P&G diner, a thriving community garden program, a hard-working, optimistic volunteer base, and much more! Millvale is currently experiencing a renaissance that has been fueled by the conception and creation of the Millvale Community Library, which has proven to truly live up to its mission to be an agent for positive change.

This opportunity for green infrastructure implementation, along with the momentum the Millvale Community Library has generated in Millvale and the surrounding communities, positions Millvale perfectly to plan big for upcoming years. Millvale Borough and the Millvale Borough Development Corporation have partnered with EvolveEA, a sustainable architecture and consulting firm based in Pittsburgh to hold intensive community planning sessions with community leaders and residents to illuminate ways in which Millvale can continue to grow and change in a positive direction. These planning sessions gave birth to  the PIVOT Project. The PIVOT Project harnesses a sustainable Ecodistricts planning model that builds community resiliency by mobilizing and connecting food, water, and energy networks to create vibrant, resource-efficient neighborhoods.

IMG_0139The implementation of this model will bring major change and revitalization to Millvale, as Millvale’s PIVOT goals are to become a self-reliant urban solar village, a foodie paradise known for hyperlocal production, and a water town, with water integrated into productive and pleasurable landscapes. Take a look around this site to see what new and exciting things are currently going on in Millvale, and what changes are planned for the future!

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