Grand Opening of the Millvale Community Library


This is it!  The grand opening of the Millvale Comunity Library is coming up on August 18th, 2013.  Be there!  Some great people who are wanting to inspire change in a community will be there and wanting to talk about new possibilities.  If you want to get involved or just come to see the progress, then come on down!

The project of building the library as well as the mural has been one that brings together multiple communities.  It’s bridging together those who are established in Millvale with the city of Pittsburgh.  You have to remember that Millvale is not technically part of Pittsburgh but rather on its own.  It’s bringing together artists and workers who in the end realize that their work is so similar.  Also, it’s creating change in a community.  Both for individuals like our teen assistants, who are experiencing something totally new at quite the young age, and for the entire town who is finally getting to see some physical progress.

Hope to see some new faces there!

– Gianna