With the infamous Girty’s Run winding through our town and the Allegheny River at our feet, Millvale’s future will always be tied to the health of the water. Browse below to see our vision and our past, current, and future water projects. To view blog posts related to progress on these projects and other water issues in Millvale, click here.

Our Vision: Millvale will become a water town, with water integrated into productive and pleasurable landscapes

Current Projects:

  • Girty’s Run Watershed Assessment
    • The objective of this phase of work is to have citizens join with experts and activists to visually identify risks, threats, and opportunities to Girty’s Run.  It is a qualitative and awareness-raising exercise that will help (1) prioritize stream restoration, trash elimination and other volunteer-driven improvement projects and (2) raise a collective understanding or awareness of the upcoming storm and sewer infrastructure improvements to be made in the watershed.
    • Funding for this assessment was provided by the Laurel Foundation in partnership with Allegheny Cleanways
    • Click here to view the original watershed assessment plan and template.
    • Click here to view updates on the Watershed Assessment.
  • Girty’s Run Library
    • Our goal is to make available data, maps, permits, surveys, etc. that relate to Girty’s Run. The resources will be housed at the Millvale Community Library but also will be developed to be shared electronically. We intend to create posters for libraries, schools, municipal buildings and other public spaces in the watershed and eventually make this library accessible through the Internet.

Future Projects:

Completed Projects:



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