Imagine Mural

Browse below to see how the Imagine Mural came about. To view blog posts related to progress on the mural click here.


IMAGINE, The Age of Aquarius project is a moss mural relief sculpture to be installed on the adjacently owned building from the new Millvale Community Library. The design plan, originally created by Chris Cassady and Joanna Commandaros’ sculpture class, incorporates the word, “IMAGINE” in relief over the Millvale skyline and will be seen from the outlying community throughout the town itself.  This “green” mural will stand as an icon for the positive change and growth that the Millvale Community is creating for itself.

The word “Imagine” is the central icon of the mural which will be created out of the living matter of moss, metaphorically conveying to the viewer the potential for the community to be realized as a fertile, green, growing, healthy environment.  The base, in this case being the skyline, will be constructed from mild steel, representative of the town’s roots in the steel industry that have long been a cornerstone of cultural and economic history.

This mural will be created and installed on an adjacent building to the new Millvale Community Library:

“Over the past six years, more than 1,000  of the coolest people on earth contributed
more than $50,000 hours researching, designing, building, and running Millvale
Community Library, the small borough’s first public library. That’s a lot of brainpower, a
true community effort with an impactful outcome”

Both the Millvale Library Project and the Mural Construction Project have brought together creatives and workers from all across the Pittsburgh area.  It must be noted that Millvale is NOT part of Pittsburgh, but rather a borough detached.  In trying to bridge gaps and creating new conversations, teens from the Millvale area were brought in to assist in the construction.  By working with professionals and other creative thinkers, they are inspired to imagine the possibilities allowed for their home.

 Project Goals:

The goal for this project are as follows:

  • To connect the consciousness created by the Millvale Community Library to the larger ‘Green’ consciousness movement by creating a forward-facing public eco-art project in Millvale, a disenfranchised areas of Pittsburgh.
  • To create an iconic work that furthers the mission of the Millvale Business District on Main street.  Millvale’s business district is growing and the town itself, over time, is reawakening.  We hope to show that artists possess the ability to encourage, redefine, and reinvigorate a space.
  • To bridge gaps across socioeconomics, age, race, and gender lines by involving community in installing the works and encouraging a discussion on the environment that houses and affects us all.  Teens are paired with professionals, college students are invited to be part of something larger than academia, and workers are called to create change.

“My investment to create community artworks that raises social consciousness is evident from the way I have incorporated eco-art in my studio classes at University of Pittsburgh and also in my artwork collectively and individually. Historically, economically an environmentally depressed areas plagued with environmental injustices which include in this case ongoing flooding with no federal support, are not exposed to the healing influence of the arts or conversations about ecology or the power of creativity.  Using art towards environmental change as with the moss mural relief sculpture I am proposing here works to engage the community of Millvale PA in a conversation regarding ecological issues. This non- profit community library is already a focal point for the emerging consciousness of the neighborhood. Because the library is located on Main Street, this timely moss mural becomes a prominent landmark in Millvale and furthers the conversation that connects imagination with the idea of a communal ecological consciousness”

-Joanna Commandaros

To see the blog posts that detail the making of the Imagine Millvale mural, click here!

If you have any questions about the Imagine Millvale mural please email


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