Second Annual Girty’s Run Watershed Summit

Last Monday night, 33 concerned citizens and volunteers gathered together at the Millvale Library for the second annual Girty’s Run Watershed summit in partnership with Allegheny Cleanways. The focus of the the Summit was to discuss progress since last year’s meeting and to recruit volunteers to begin the implementation of the Girty’s Run Citizen’s Visual Assessment.

Brian Wolovich introduces speakers at the Girty's Run Watershed Summit

Councilman Brian Wolovich introduces speakers at the Girty’s Run Watershed Summit

Since the last summit, 850 trees have been planted and 2 bioswales have been constructed to address storm water issues in Millvale. An assessment plan and template was drafted and ready for implementation. A public Girty’s Run Watershed Reference Library is starting to come together, and will eventually be available in both physical and online formats.

At the meeting, crew leaders who will be taking volunteers out on the stream for the visual assessment discussed what volunteering to take part in the assessment would entail, and attendees were given the opportunity to sign up to participate in the visual assessment in March. Additionally, attendees discussed future events and plans for the watershed including stream clean-ups, tree care, and potential green storm water infrastructure projects.

Draai Laag Simon Girty Ale

Thanks to Millvale’s own Draai Laag Brewery for donating a case of Simon Girty Ale to the cause!

For full meeting notes, click here.

To get more information on the watershed assessment, or to sign up as a volunteer, please click here or contact Hannah Geiser at


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