Girty’s Run Watershed Assessment and Upcoming Summit

Allegheny Cleanways and the Millvale Community Library would like to invite you the second Girty’s Run Watershed Citizens’ Summit on February 24, 2014 at 7 pm at the Millvale Library (213 Grant Avenue).

We are pleased to report that Allegheny Cleanways received a grant from the Laurel Foundation that partially funds the Watershed Assessment process as recommended by Three Rivers Waterkeeper and Dominique Benzio of the Browne Leadership Fellows program.

The objective of this phase of work is to have citizens join with experts and activists to visually identify risks, threats, and opportunities to Girty’s Run.  It is a qualitative and awareness-raising exercise that will help (1) prioritize stream restoration, trash elimination and other volunteer-driven improvement projects and (2) raise a collective understanding or awareness of the upcoming storm and sewer infrastructure improvements to be made in the watershed.

The grant also includes funds to make available data, maps, permits, surveys, etc. that relate to Girty’s Run. The resources will be housed at the Community Library but also will be developed to be shared electronically. We intend to create posters for libraries, schools, municipal buildings and other public spaces in the watershed…and eventually made accessible through the internet.

In the past month, the project team has been gathering the data, producing stream segment maps, and assessment forms. These materials will be shared and described at the February 24th meeting.

We hope that you will be able to join us, sign-up for the stream assessment process, and identify other individuals or organizations that can help transform Girty’s Run into the community asset it deserves to be.


Please RSVP to the February 24th meeting by emailing Dominique at

Whenever you have a question, concern or comment about Girty’s Run or the citizens visual assessment process please do not hesitate to contact Myrna Newman, Executive Director, Allegheny Cleanways (, or John Stephen, Project Coordinator (

Stream Assessment Updates will be posted at:, so stay tuned!


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