One of Many Workdays

So here’s a little peek into workdays at Joanna’s studio.



It’s coming together!  After many trials, workdays, and lunch breaks we are able to get a good feel for how the mural is going to look.  For those of you readers who are wondering why in the world we are talking about an Eco mural when there is clearly steel in this picture, we can explain!

It all started with the sketch that was to be the grand plan for the mural on the library.  From there, we had to find a way to realize the vision.  In the end the final decision was made to make a steel base that will have moss growing on top.  This steel pieces in the photos are basically the skeleton of the entire project.  Next steps are to put them together and do a whole lot more welding.  Joanna Commandaros is the little commander of her trusty working team: Chris Cassady and Jay Grassel.  Between the three of them, you can’t imagine the work and problem solving being done.  We also have a few other people on the job who are putting in so much work:  Ashley Fredericks and Brandon Flaherty.

So what am I doing in all of this?  Well, I’m managing the PR and keeping you all informed.  I get to take my camera everywhere I go and snap some pictures of everyone looking awesome and intense while they work.  Trust me, they all appreciate the headshots.  But I want to get our project out there and spread the word about what it is that we’re doing in Millvale.

 Keep checking the blog for more updates!

– Gianna


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