Heavy Metal


So much metalwork to do, so little time!  We have quite the team helping us get it all done.  Jay is one of our welders who spends many a days working at the Tech Shop in Bakery Square.  They have just about every tool you would ever need for any project- especially this one.  Not to mention one of the cleanest metalshops any of us have ever seen.  So, while we have that going on, we also have some other friends at Red Star Ironworks in Millvale.  One of our teen assistants and Millvale residents, Ashley Fredricks, is seen in one of the photos grinding away at some tiny pieces of steel.  All of those little squares pictured will add up to hold together the mural’s large steel letters that are to go on the front of the building.

Joanna Commandaros is leading everyone along and making sure the work is getting done.  Her studio is filled with steel letters, plans, templates, and great ideas on how we’ll get this mural up and on the wall soon.

Keep checking back for more updates!


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